Things didn’t go as expected.

My morning just didn’t go as planned. I had planned for a productive, excellent morning. I left home with a spring in my step and was looking forward to the day. It just wasn’t happening and I became more and more disillusioned as the morning progressed until finally, I decided to go home, gather my mum and have lunch somewhere. A change of scenery would be just the thing. A chance to change my focus from what was happening. I was regaining my enthusiasm and excitement at the thought.

We sat down, ordered and our food came quickly. I had ordered my favourite meal. A staple pick-me-up for me. When it came, it wasn’t even remotely nice and whilst my mum really enjoyed her meal, I couldn’t eat mine. By this stage I was on the brink of tears. I gathered myself up enough to suggest we go somewhere else for coffee and as I hadn’t eaten my lunch, perhaps I would have something else.

We walked into a café and there it was, almost singing to me; apple pie. I heard myself ordering it along with my coffee. When it came and I tasted it, it was the best apple pie I had ever had and my enthusiasm and verve returned with gusto. It had me thinking of baking the perfect apple pie and now I am on a quest to find the perfect apple pie recipe. It gave me back my passion for the day.

The moral of the story.

If I had not gone further in an attempt to relieve my disappointment, I would have remained in a not-so-good state for the day but because I sought to change my day, I did.

So, if you find yourself in a situation that you don’t want to be in, don’t stop looking for that thing that will change things for you. Find that thing that makes you passionate. It may be that you find that you have to write a letter of apology to someone. It may be that you find that you have to spend more time in the garden. It may be that you need to find the best apple pie with cream.

If you have a favourite family apple pie recipe, please be sure to help me on my quest to find the best. This is the actual apple pie and cream. You can find it in a café in Thirroul called ‘Martin Place.’

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